Camtrap DP

Data exchange format for camera trap data

Camtrap DP

Camera Trap Data Package (or Camtrap DP for short) is a community developed data exchange format for camera trap data.


A Camtrap DP is a Frictionless Data Package that consists of:

File Description
datapackage.json Metadata regarding the data package and camera trap project.
deployments.csv Table with camera trap deployments.
media.csv Table with media files captured by the camera traps.
observations.csv Table with observations based on the media files.


Example dataset following Camtrap DP specifications.


To allow validation, the datapackage.json of your dataset should reference the used version of Camtrap DP, both in profile and the resources’ schema:

   "name": "...",
   "profile": "<version>/camtrap-dp-profile.json",
   "resources": [
         "name": "deployments",
         "schema": "<version>/deployments-table-schema.json"
         "name": "media",
         "schema": "<version>/media-table-schema.json"
         "name": "observations",
         "schema": "<version>/observations-table-schema.json"

You can validate your dataset against the specifications of Camtrap DP (and Frictionless Data Package) with:

pip install frictionless
frictionless validate path/to/your/datapackage.json


Questions? Suggestions? Contribute to the development of Camtrap DP by watching the repository and participating in issue discussions.

Camtrap DP Development Team (2021) Camera Trap Data Package

Camtrap DP is managed by the Machine Observations Interest Group of Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG). It was originally developed by the Open Science Conservation Fund, the Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences (MRI PAS) and the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO).

Camtrap DP is endorsed the camera trap data management systems Agouti, eMammal, TRAPPER, Wildlife Insights and already available as an export format in some of these.