Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Where can I see all of the abstracts that have been published in the Proceedings of TDWG?
View the abstracts published by collection for the 2017 meeting
Do you have grant/scholarship/financial support for me to attend the meeting?
TDWG does not have funding to support your attendance at our meeting. Some people may qualify for discounted registration (see Please look for more local or regional opportunities with grant funds to support your participation.
I have registered for the conference but to finalize my application within our institution/granting agency, I need an official invitation. Can you prepare one for me?
Please address requests for invitation letters to and include in your request any specific information that must be stated in the invitation. Also please indicate if you need the original copy mailed to you or if a digital signature is adequate for your needs. Note that a letter of invitation does not imply financial support for your attendance by TDWG at this meeting.
I requested x number of sessions. How many will I actually get for my workshop/symposium?
This will depend on the number of submissions you receive. If, after all abstracts have been submitted, you still want x sessions, you will get x sessions.
If we don't get enough abstract submissions to fill our session, we'd like to invite specific colleagues to submit abstracts. But, by then, the submission deadline will have passed. What should we do?
You are welcome to accept abstracts after the July 14 deadline. The main reason for this deadline is to ensure that you have sufficient time to review abstracts and provide feedback to authors in time for the Sept. 5 deadline for camera-ready copy.
Do invited talks require an abstract?
How long should talks be?
To the extent possible, it would be nice to break sessions up into 6 15 minute chunks, so that people can move from session to session to see particular talks. Obviously, this applies to symposia more than to workshops.
What are the dimensions of the poster boards and do I need to bring supplies?
Your poster should be approximately A0-sized (33" x 47" or 84 cm x 119 cm) or no more than 48" on the widest side. The boards are Velcro and Velcro sticky dots will be provided.
May I submit to the proceedings and not attend the conference?
This year, unfortunately, no. Page charges for the inaugural Proceedings of TDWG are partially supported by registration fees.


What is a collection? What is a collection editor?
Pensoft allows articles to be grouped into "collections" (typically around a theme). The TDWG 2017 proceedings is a collection, and every workshop and symposium is a sub-collection. So your workshop/symposium is a collection, and you are a collection editor.
How does the editing process work?
Please refer to the instructions for editors.
Where do I enter the state or province under address as an author?
ARPHA does not currently track that information.
How do I know the status of my abstract?

Sign into ARPHA. Your abstract(s) should be listed under the My Manuscripts tab (text will be gray) on your dashboard. On the right of each manuscript, you can see the status. Note that only one person can work on an abstract at a time. If you are not actively working on a manuscript, please close the window to give others a chance to contribute.

Draft = authors have editing rights; editors see as read-only; authors must submit the abstract for review for the abstract to be released for editorial assessment.*

In pre-submission review = authors see as read-only; editors are able to make changes to the abstract and add comments. Authors may see these updates but will not be able to make changes until editors release the abstract back to the authors using the Send Feedback button. Pressing the Send Feedback button returns the abstract to Draft mode so that authors may respond.*

Once your abstract has been Approved it will go through various stages to be Published. The submitting author will then have one final publication checklist to complete. See published abstracts

*both authors and editors can send email (see icon near the top of the page) to co-authors and/or editors at any time during the pre-approval process, this does not change the status of the manuscript.

What if I don't see my abstract anywhere?
It is possible that you have more than one ARPHA account under different emails. Please consolidate them if this is the case. Otherwise, communicate with the help desk to try to resolve technical issues or with conference organizers for content/meeting-related questions.