TDWG Symposia and Workshops


S01 New Joint Pathways for the Biodiversity Data Community and Systematists
S02 Species-centered projects, tools and methods
S03 Biodiversity Heritage Library: Strategies for Improving Research Efficiency and Delivering Biodiversity Data through Digital Library Collections  
S05 The Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) Standards for Molecular Collections  
S06 Science Powered by Informatics - The Next Steps
S07 Citizen Science and Biodiversity Informatics for Natural History Collections and Field Observations
S08 Biodiversity Data Quality – alpha to omega
S09 Data Integration and Attribution in the Web of Natural History Data  
S10 Digital Collection Data: storage, archive and disaster recovery
S11 Invasive Species Experts’ Panel: Breaking Information Silos  
S12 DINA: Digital Information System for Natural History Data  
S13 Metabarcoding, Metagenomics and Biomonitoring
S14 Linking biodiversity data through phylogenetic knowledge
S15 Biological Interaction Data: towards data standardization

✓ Open to unsolicited contributions


W01 Training workshop in auditing and cleaning of biodiversity data  
W03 Analogue 2 digital: faster better cheaper
W04 Next generation biodiversity data: developing an international traits system  
W05 Developing a mechanism to coordinate planning and investment in biodiversity informatics  
W06 The Living Atlases community in action: demonstration of real implementations of Atlas of Living Australia modules  
W07 Improving research linking and visibility of specimens and physical samples through standardised identifiers and metadata
W08 Standardizing data to Darwin Core using R: A hands-on workshop with lessons learned from the TrIAS project  
W10 Mapping the Citizen Science Agenda at TDWG with a focus on the PPSR core and Data Quality
W11 Workshop of the TDWG Data Quality Interest Group  
W12 Standards for Interoperability for Bio-logging Data
W13 Audubon Core Workshop
W14 Deep Learning for Biodiversity
W15 Carpentries Instructor Training Workshop  
W16 Defining 21st Century Biodiversity Data Literacy Skills: A Roundtable Discussion  
W17 Biological Interaction Data Interest Group  
W18 Names for Biodiversity  

✓ Open to unsolicited contributions